How To Speed Up Facebook On Android

If you’re like me, you’re a frequent Facebook user.  The one problem I’ve got is that sometimes Facebook is incredibly slow on my phone.  I stumbled across an app that will speed up your Facebook loading speed by leaps and bounds.  It’s called “Fast for Facebook”, and best of all, it’s FREE!  Just follow these eight easy steps and you’ll speed up Facebook forever.

Speed Up Facebook

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Steps To  Speed Up Facebook On Android

  1. Go to the Play Store and download the Fast for the Facebook app.  Click “Install.”
  2. Open the app and click login.  The app will let you know what it needs to access your Facebook account.  We recommend you select all options and then unclick the things you don’t want later.  This will allow you to test and see what the app can do.
  3. If you’re ok with installing full functionality for the app, simply click “allow all.”
  4. Next, the install program will ask you what’s more important to you.  “Fast for Performance” or “Fast for Speed”….  Choosing “Fast for Performance” reduces the quality of images, but saves you bandwidth and reduces your data usage.
  5. You’ll then be asked about the app color scheme.  There are several available themes to pick from, so this is just based on your personal preference.
  6. If you don’t like the image quality you get and decide you’d actually like to see quality images, you just go to – Menu-Settings-Performance and uncheck the “High Performance” box.
  7. While using the app, you can refresh it by either pulling down the screen or clicking the “refresh” button at the top of the screen.
  8. If you want to update your status or do practically anything else in your Facebook account, simply access the menus at the bottom of the screen.  You’ll see a number if there are new items you haven’t seen yet.

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Like its name, “Fast For Facebook”, this app will definitely speed us your Facebook access.  It’s been downloaded well over 100,000 times and has earned 4 Stars by almost 5,000 users.  We highly suggest downloading this app.  Pretty incredible if you ask me!

How To Speed Up Facebook On Android
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