How to use WhatsApp for Web (MAC & Windows)

Now WhatsApp has launched the web version which is available for download on the computer. Now we can officially use the WhatsApp for the web and desktop versions. The developers have added some features for using properly in the web. Now we can download the official version from the website of WhatsApp.


Whatsapp Web: Features

WhatsApp is known for fast and free service and it delivers messages which are sent instantly all over the world. We can send unlimited videos and images by using the WhatsApp and video size will be a constraint and we can send video up to the size of 16 MB. It is having an easy interface and we can sign up just by being in a unique style.

The most important feature of the messenger is the privacy and they have launched privacy settings and we can select it for the contacts. It is the same for every operating system and it runs in a good fast manner.

The applications and games can be downloaded from the Play Store and WhatsApp does not sell any ads which make it more users friendly. We can share our conversation chat just via Email. It is just similar to Facebook and we can create as many numbers of groups and we can chat the members of the group in an easy manner.

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Using WhatsApp Web in the Google Chrome Browser:

We can use the WhatsApp in Google Chrome in an easy manner and we need to have an updated version of the WhatsApp in our smartphone. First, go to the official website of the WhatsApp and then open the WhatsApp application on our phone. Then click on the menu which is seen on the right top and then select the WhatsApp Web. Then we need to scan the QR code by using our smartphone on our browser which is paired between the two devices. We can stay connected to the internet on both devices and it is a good option for us.

We can send text messages to our beloved ones and also we can respond to text messages just from our browser. We can pair and enjoy the texting feature with our friends. We need to connect our smartphone to our WI-FI network for avoiding the excess data charges from our operator. If we need to quit from the WhatsApp Web, then just click on the menu in the web and click the logout button for coming out from the web version. When we are pairing our smartphone with multiple devices, then click on log out from all computers and we will get log out from all the browser which we are logged. The WhatsApp Web does not allow the users for changing or creating the groups. We can delete the messages or we can clear our chat conversations.

Advantages of Whatsapp Web Version

The WhatsApp web helps to use the WhatsApp in the browser and it allows seeing in full-screen mode. When we use on the mobile, the screen will be too small. We don’t need to scan the QR code. It is done only on the first time when we are doing it. We can type it in desktop with good speed and also we can the videos and images at a good fast speed.

An alternate method for using WhatsApp Web:

We need to visit the website named Manymo and we need to register as a user. When we sign up, just fill all the details and we will receive a verification email on our inbox and we need to confirm our account. Download the WhatsApp APK file and we will be uploading the emulator when we register. Next go back to Manymo site and enter as a registered user and in the upper right corner we will see an option for launching the emulator and click on It for launching with the application.

The interface will upload the file with APK format and click on application for searching the WhatsApp which we have downloaded and then press the continue button. Next, we will see a new window where we need to select the size of the emulator and when we have clicked on it, and we need to follow the terms and conditions for using the WhatsApp for the web.

How to use WhatsApp for Web (MAC & Windows)
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