My Video Converter : Features & Installation Guide (2019)

My Video Converter is a video format converting and video handling application which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows and Mac. The application has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has received positive reviews from the critics as well as users. My Video Converter works by changing analog to analog or digital to digital videos and changes their format without damaging their quality. Users can download videos from YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, and Daily Motion and change their format to the desired one like AVI or MP4 which can then be run on any device.

My Video Converter


My Video Converter is not only a video format changer but it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. The software can be easily used for editing videos as well in a very of ways. Different images can be added in the video and music and effects can also be put into it while converting its format. The formats which have been included as options for conversions include AVI, MP4, WAV, and MP3. The videos can be changed to and from any of these formats and this provides the users with a good deal of options.

My Video Converter also allows users to cut the videos and shorten them in the editing process. This can be done by mentioning that till what time should the video be displayed and during which durations should it be cut off. During all this procedure, the quality of the video is not affected too much and its sound, as well as the picture quality, is still very much readable.

The process of video conversion is a little complex and the formats of audio and the video have to be changed one by one. In a video, the audio and video tracks are made separately but are later joined together so while editing it, they have to be dealt with one after the other. An exciting feature of My Video Converter is that it allows users to crop and rescale the size of the video as well as the change its size ratio.

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There are some drawbacks as well which can be associated with My Video Converter. In most of the formats, the loss in quality is not too much but in some other ones, the digital generation loss is considerable and even though it decreases the size, it damages the quality somewhat as well.

To prevent from this partial quality damage, the user would have to keep the size of the video considerably high because some formats occupy more space than the others even if the quality is not changed very much.

How to download it?

Clicking the download button opens a dialogue box which guides the user through the whole download procedure. The program is very easy to use too and the user only has to select a video item and click on the options which are easily understandable.

My Video Converter : Features & Installation Guide (2019)
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