How to Play Subway Surfers on Windows PC or Laptop : 2019

In the year 2012, Denmark-based private company and SYBO games launched Subway Surfers which is an endless game and was developed by Kiloo. The game is available on all mobile platforms namely Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows phone. After launching this game, it became one of the most popular and loved game amongst youth.

Subway Surfers is a single-player mode game which can be connected using facebook social media where you can compete with your friends and can score high. In this game, a player is supposed to run and collect the coins by overcoming various obstacles like a train. The player can avoid obstacles by either jumping or by moving left or right side. There are daily missions and special missions available in the game and after completion of these missions, the player can receive various rewards. The game ends when the player either crashes directly with the obstacle or stumbles. The game is played using default icon named as Jake and apart from that icon, there are various other icons available in the game which opens up once you clear different stages. The other icons are locked and the player can unlock those icons either by collecting different attributes or by purchasing it using in-app purchase option.

There are an inspector and a dog which tries to chase the player in starting of the game and disappears once the game has begun but if the player gets crashed a bit with an obstacle again the inspector and a dog starts appearing in the game. Once the player either stumbles or get crashed with the obstacles that inspector and dog catch the player. The game consists of various prizes, surprise box, power up and missions. On clearance of every mission the level of the game increases.

The game is basically where the player needs to complete the mission and increase the level. While playing the game, the player has to make sure that he/she collects the coins and power-ups which comes in the way and don’t get hit up with the obstacles like train, barriers, bush, lamp post, station lanes, pillars, and walls.


  • Different characters which can be unlocked either by accumulating attributes which come up in the game or by purchasing it from the app store
  • Various power-up which helps to increase the points and complete the mission like the hoverboard, mega start, 2x multiplayer, score booster, power jumper, supper sneakers, coin magnet, headstart, jetpack, super mysteries and many more.
  • Power-ups can be upgraded using the collected coins and by updating the power up player can use that power up for a longer period
  • Colorful trains and HD graphics
  • Challenge your friend
  • Completion of mission opens up with a mystery box where new attributes or coins or hoverboard or save me keys are available
  • Different world tour themes
  • Use save me keys to continue with your game and complete the mission

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How to download Subway Surfers on PC?

  1. First, download and install Bluestacks App Player in your system. You can download by searching “Bluestacks” on Google
  2. Click on the search option and type “Subway Surfers”
  3. Make sure that your system is connected with high-end internet speed
  4. Within a span of a few minutes, the game will be installed successfully in your system
  5. Download the adventures game and enjoy the endless game. Achieve all the achievements and upgrade different power-ups.


Subway Surfers is an endless game which is loved by all. It is one of the most popular and most downloaded games. There are millions of users who have downloaded as well as updated the game. The game ends when the player gets crashed with the obstacles. The player can use their Facebook account and can challenge their friends and score high. There is various world tour theme and according to the theme the attributes of the game changes. The player can use as well as an upgrade the power-ups. The use of power-ups helps the player to score high and be at the top amongst their friend. So download now and play the most loved game.

How to Play Subway Surfers on Windows PC or Laptop : 2019
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